A Community Story telling event focused on the LGBTQ+ Experience

October 27, 2020 - 7pm CST via Zoom


stories that entertain, enlighten and create community.

“OutWords Journey” creates a safe, supportive
environment, free from pressure and judgment for
individuals who identify as or are allies of the LGBTQ+
community to share life experiences in story form
through monthly storytelling events. The stories
transform past events into powerful, inspiring and often
hilarious monologues of resilience and survival. The
real life stories have the power to change and rebuild
lives of the storyteller and the listener, so they can
further their journey to wholeness.

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Our October StoryTellers

Jacob Kniep

Jacob will share his story on perseverance, where he is today and how his journey led him to start one of the only LGBTQ+ nonprofits in Wheaton, IL.
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 9.52.56 AM

Lynn Robbins

Details coming soon…

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You will receive an email the day before the event with a link to join the Zoom call. Please register early so we can anticipate technical requirements. Thank you!